Industry Technology Workshop Proposals

The Industry Program of ICME 2024 will include Industry Technology Workshops which provide an opportunity for teams from industry to present and demonstrate innovative deployment of multimedia technology in the context of solving real-world problems. A workshop is allocated one hour and should include at least 10 minutes for interaction with the attendees. Ideally, the composition of presentations and any demonstrations should address multiple related topics within the scope of ICME.


Industry Technology Workshop Proposals should follow the requirements below:

  • Workshop Title
  • Workshop Presenters (name, affiliation, contacts and web page)
  • Workshop Outline (max 2 pages)
    • List of presentations and any demonstrations
    • Summary of key topics and innovate technology applications covered by each presentation
    • Approximate timings of presentations, demonstrations and interactions with attendees
  • Workshop Rationale (max 1 page)
    • A short description of why the workshop would appeal to the ICME audience
  • Workshop Team
    • References to recent publications by team members relevant to the workshop
    • Short biography of presenters with emphasis on workshop related achievements


Please submit the proposals in PDF format to the relevant Industry Technology Workshop chairs.

Important Dates

Industry Technology Workshop Proposal submission deadline 23-Mar-24, All submissions are due 11:59PM Pacific time.