Workshop Proposals

Accepted Workshops

International Workshop on Federated Learning in the Era of Foundation Models

The 3rd International Workshop on 3D Multimedia Analytics, Search and Generation

The 6th IEEE Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Art Creation (AIART 2024)


Submission Deadline

April 6 2024

Surpassing Latency Limits in Adaptive Live Video Streaming (LIVES,2024)

Second IEEE Workshop on Coding for Machines

Ultra Low-Latency and Robust Multimedia Delivery

ICME 2024 Workshop Vision and Learning for an Enhanced Metaverse Workshop (VLM)


The Metaverse is an immersive and interactive multimedia platform that needs to impeccably integrate sound, image, mesh, video, animation, and text to create a seamless user experience in the virtual world. This brings about numerous opportunities and also diverse challenges. Hence, this workshop aims to bring together and unite researchers and practitioners (e.g., animators, game developers, data engineers) in (1) scene understanding, person and/or object recognition for the Metaverse; (2) generative AI for scene, person and/or object generation / reconstruction for the Metaverse; (3) Emotional detection, social interaction, and/or human-machine interactions in the Metaverse; (4) computationally efficient storage, compression, transmission, and/or processing of data, models, animations etc; as well as (5) challenges and solutions in addressing concerns about privacy, safety, intellectual property, and/or security of data and models for Metaverse applications, so that we can all create a more advanced and secure Metaverse accessible to all. The workshop will consist of talks by Invited Speakers, as well as oral and poster presentations by authors of accepted papers.


Submission Deadline

31 March 2024


Liu Jun

Singapore University of Technology and Design

Hossein Rahmani

Lancaster University

Mengyuan Liu

Peking University

Ping Hu

Boston University

Zhipeng Fan


Kian Eng Ong

Singapore University of Technology and Design

Xun Long Ng

Singapore University of Technology and Design

Tony Quek

Singapore University of Technology and Design

Visual-Language Alignment in Text-Guided Multi-Modal Generation

Multimodal Learning for Social Good


Submission Deadline

27 March 2024

The 5th Artificial Intelligence in Sports (AI-Sports) Workshop


Submission Deadline

1 April 2024

Call for Workshop Proposals

The IEEE International Conference on Multimedia & Expo (ICME) is a flagship multimedia conference sponsored by four IEEE societies since 2000. ICME serves as a premier forum to promote the exchange of the latest advances in multimedia technologies, systems and applications, from both the research and development perspectives of the circuits and systems, communications, computer, and signal processing communities. ICME workshops aim to explore emerging research topics, bridge the multimedia research advances with other research areas, and encourage live discussions between researchers and practitioners. The Workshops will be held in conjunction with ICME 2024 in Niagra Falls, Canada.


IEEE ICME seeks proposals from individuals and teams interested in organising exciting and compelling workshops at the conference. Workshop proposals should provide the following information:

  1. Title, scope, topics and duration (half or full day) of the workshop
  2. Workshop format (papers, posters, demos, panels, invited speakers, etc.)
  3. Rationale
    1. How is the workshop related to IEEE ICME 2024
    2. Why the workshop topic is current and important
    3. Why the workshop may attract a significant number of submissions of good quality
    4. How the proposed workshop differentiates from other workshops/conferences covering similar topics
  4. History of the workshop if any (organizers, where it was held, number of submissions, number of accepted papers, numbers of attendees in past years)
  5. Organising team and tentative committee lists (organisers, steering committee if any, confirmed TPC members, endorsement by society TCs, etc.)
  6. Optional: Potential keynote speaker(s) at the workshop.

It is encouraged to include a draft call for papers.


Please submit the proposals in PDF format to the relevant Workshop chairs.

Important Dates

Workshop proposal submission deadline 15-Dec-23, All submissions are due 11:59PM Pacific time.

Workshop Chairs

Zhiyong Wang

University of Sydney,Australia

Abdulmotaleb El Saddik

UOttawa, Canada

Liqiang Nie

Harbin Institute of Technology, China